Who we are

Jan Hille Noordhof

Always up for trying something new, as long as it’s effective. Any work method is allowed as long as it initiates change. I am in my element when people are brave enough to put their assumptions and convictions on the table for discussion. Is the world really the way you thought it was?

Thinking in order to understand. Watching and listening to identify patterns, to unmask systems. And inspire to effect change. What inspires me? Theatre, music, poetry, history and people.

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Piet Hoekstra

Integrating theory, practise and people together in harmony, that is important to me.

In my work, trust, analysis and reflection are the prelude to movement, development and action.

I mostly concentrate on the science of change, team development and consultancy in the field of labor relations

I am also affiliated with SI00 in the training of management consultants

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Joost van Egmond

Contact with all kinds of people makes life an experience for me.

In my work, I focus on people. What drives us and what determines our behaviour?

With my involvement, analytical skills and solution-oriented approach I would like to help you develop and utilise your personal strength and skills.

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