People Plus International:

It is wonderful to see how well-pleased organizations and companies are for whom we arrange and supervise development projects. It energizes us.

We find it inspiring to place our experience at the disposal of completely different cultures, environments, and totally different audiences. To that end we have established the People Plus Foundation. At least once a year we attend a small-scale development project in a foreign country where we train and give advice free of charge.

From the beginning of this century we support our partner  NCFAWU – a fisherman’s union in South Africa – and its confederation CONSAWU. Together with them we develop seminars and are busy establishing a train-the-trainer programme.

Currently we are working as a professional Training Service Provider for the Fruit Industry in South Africa. Therefore we have established People Plus international, a branch of People Plus with South African trainers and facilitators. With our services we contribute to sustainable development in the fruit industry and offer our local trainers the opportunity for entrepreneurship and personal development.

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