Step out of your comfort zone:

We offer all the customary training models but it is useful at times to take people out of their comfort zone and let them do and experience something completely different together.

To that purpose we would enjoy putting a ‘special’ together for you.

Skûtsje (commercial, flat-bottomed sailing ship)

You will very quickly get insight into leadership styles and skills when you are obliged to sail a skûtsje across Frisian waters. The skipper does come along but does nothing more than watch that nothing untoward happens to his ship. Supervised by a trainer from People Plus you will reflect on leadership styles – sometimes directionally, sometimes team-orientated – which you use to get your team and ship into a safe haven.
No doubt that at the end of such an enervating day – but a fun one too – you will know a lot more about collaborating and leadership qualities.

Outdoor, Climbing and Boxing

We also organize outdoor training sessions in the course of which team-building, employing and leadership and project management come up for discussion. We are able to offer these at various magnificent country estates in Holland. The exercises are tailor-made to your requirements. Also climbing and boxing clinics are offered.

Visual Minutes

A team of artists provides a ‘live’ painted report of the conducted training, brainstorm or workshop. Painted on soft foam panels, the visual report serves as a road map for organizational development.